Trick starters

I rarely blog unless something really sticks in my craw. Well, recently after reading a post about an editor only reading a line or two of a story before making a decision, it got me thinking. I know that no two editors work in the same way (the same can be said of writers), but it occurred to me to think about my reading habits. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather read a slow-starter that becomes a great story than a facile story with a great opening. I read lots and lots and lots, and I’ve read too many stories in my time that start off great and fast and end up with a pile of nothing. It’s the slow burners IMHO which are written by the more competent confident writers writing the kind of thing worth reading. And anyone who says they know if a story is any good by the second sentence is pretending to be psychic. Besides, a trick opening is as puerile as a trick ending. What qualifies me to say this? Well I’m also a voracious reader – I’ll eat your words for breakfast.