Night Lights

Geminid’s brilliant anthology “Night Lights” goes on sale at Amazon today and will be on sale in paperback later this month.


Night Lights is a trilogy of science fiction works in one anthology: First Contact, Conspiracy, and Space Opera. You’ll find my comic sci-fi story “The Singular Martian Invasion” in First Contact.

From Amazon: “The short stories in Night Lights are populated with aliens, high and low technology, spaceships — including one with divine aspirations and one helmed by an otter — humans and not-so-human artificial intelligences, Earth locales, and far-off new worlds. There’s more too, and in each tale, the characters’ struggles will stretch your imagination and sense of reality, while posing profound questions about morality, society and justice, and raising uncertainties of the unknown and unchecked technological evolution. With 21 original stories from talented, new authors about extraterrestrials, conspiracies, and space exploration, Night Lights is full of moments that will make you gasp, shudder, laugh, and wonder.”

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