Binge-Watching Cure

I love the title of this anthology, to be published by Claren Books. The brilliant Bill Adler Jr. is to publish one of my short stories (literary fiction) for the Binge-Watching Cure anthology, publication date mid/late 2017.

Looks like it’s going to be a whopper of an anthology with stories ranging from 100 to 25,000 word.

From site:

The Binge-Watching Cure

Coming in Summer 2017

The Binge-Watching Cure is an anthology of short stories of increasing size. By the time you’ve finished reading The Binge-Watching Cure, you’ll be able to tackle Joyce and Pynchon. Or at the very least, you’ll enjoy novels you hear about from friends and family. The Binge-Watching Cure will reignite your love for reading; it will better your life.

Just as you enter a cold swimming pool one body part at a time, get used to drinking beer sip by foamy sip, or learn to enjoy spicy food in little, fiery nibbles, The Binge-Watching Cure gradually acclimates you to reading longer and longer stories, until a novel-length book goes down smoothly, tasting sweet, and making you want more.