Binge-Watching Cure anthology out soon


TOC for the inaugural edition of The Binge Watching Cure, Claren Books.

Halfway by Sarah Doebereiner
The Power of Patience by Bill Adler Jr.
Categorical Thinking by Nat Gertler
The News by Kealsey Dean
The Blind Man by Kurt Bachard
Byproducts by Hanna Alkaf
Little Pig by Anna Taborska
Spy Night by Scott Merrow
The Final Chapter of Marathon Mandy by Zach Shepard
The Saint of Bright Red Things by Charity Tahmaseb
First Day at An Khe by Monty Joynes
Zump by Beth Patterson
The Hourglass at Sea by Frances Park
Through Fire and Flood by Kristy Baxter
Dog Island by Melissa Yi
Ashes to Ashes by Shane Simmons
The Maltese Chicken by Allen Appel
The Souls of This City by Katherine Crighton
The World Beyond by Jennifer Porter
The Gun by Hákon Gunnarsson